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The Difference Between Ruby and Garnet | GloLabs

If you're debating on buying a piece of ruby jewelry it could be handy to know the difference between a ruby and a garnet. The two gemstones are rich in the color of red and can appear quite similar if you're not aware of the different characteristics each gemstone has. Obviously, there are some notable differences since the value of rubies are substantially higher than garnet, so let's dive into it.

Ruby Vs. Garnet

The typical technique used to identify a ruby from a garnet is to simply analyze the color of it. Now, I know this may seem pretty obvious but it's important to know this because the color difference is noticeably visible for most rubies vs. garnets. The hue, or color, of a ruby is usually a light to medium red (as you can see in the picture on the left) whereas the color of a garnet is typically a darker red with some hints of burgundy and maroon. This isn't the case for all rubies however as they can also have a darker tint of red which could lead to some possible confusion.

Even though rubies can have a darker tint to them, much like a garnet, they will always have

a clearer clarity and stronger light refraction opposed to a garnet. If you were to hold a ruby under a light and examine the the light patterns that reflect off the ruby you will notice a rainbow appear with numerous shades of red and blue whereas a garnet will give off a rainbow with various shades of yellow and green.

To add to that; a ruby is a double refractive stone opposed to a garnet being a singly refractive stone. Now what this basically means is that when holding the ruby under the light and moving it around you'll eventually notice that the rainbow will almost be blurred, this is because the double refractive stone, in this case the ruby, will give off two rainbows that will look like they are right above or below each other. Whereas a garnet will give off a simple, more clear yellow-green rainbow.

Lab Grown Rubies

Lab grown rubies may even be a safer bet when purchasing a ruby. These rubies are known to be of higher quality than those that are mined and hold the same physical, chemical and optical make-up and lowering the risk of being screwed over of some sort.

If you wish to browse some lab grown ruby pieces (up to 90% off) that we offer here at GloLabs, click here.

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