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Lab Created Rubies 101 | ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

Lab Created Ruby Necklace

Lab created rubies are another precious stone sought out for by jewelry lovers. In fact, it is named the most popular stone amongst its peers. Much like the lab created diamond, these lab created rubies are of higher quality than their natural counterparts. The minute differences(such as inclusions) can only be told apart by very strong technology. Apart from that lab created rubies hold the same exact same chemical, physical and optical make up.

Creating gemstones in laboratories is not a very new science. The first time a scientist completed the growth of a gemstone in a laboratory dates back to the 1950's. Since then we have discovered new ways to create gemstones in laboratories around the world. The modern technique has enhanced the quality of these lab created beauties so much so that they are referred to as better than the gems natural counterpart. Something to think about.

Lab Created Ruby Ring

When deciding between natural rubies and lab created rubies it really depends on preference. Lab created rubies are attractive to buyers because of their flawlessness and pricing compared to natural rubies. However, natural rubies hold more value mainly due to the labor it takes to mine them.

As these lab created alternatives have became more accepted, natural gemstone jewelers are introducing them to their line ups.

Here's some of our favorite lab created ruby jewelry:

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